Posted on Jan 30, 2018

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6 Tricks to Overcome Interview Anxiety
By Amanda Baczek

Job interviews can be nerve-racking for anyone. For those who struggle with general or social anxiety, interviews can be downright terrifying. There are countless resources online and in print that preach the ultimate ways to overcome interview anxiety. While some methods are probably standard across the board, others may or may not work depending on the person.

As someone who absolutely dreads job interviews, and who (no joke) once answered “I don’t know” when the interviewer said “Tell me about yourself,” these are a few of my go-to tricks:

1. Be prepared.

Do your research on the employer and the position you’re interviewing for. Know the basics about the company, their mission statement, and any major projects they’re involved in. Be ready with answers to the most common interview questions such as: Tell me about yourself, What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses? What interests you about this position? Where do you see yourself in five years? Practice your answers, but don’t memorize them, otherwise your delivery will sound stilted and rehearsed.

2. Relax (and breathe).

Pay attention to what your body is doing. If you’re tense, relax your muscles, stretch, take a walk, flex your hands and neck. If your breathing is shallow, practice taking slow, deep breaths. Practice self-talk, like you’ve got this, and you’re going to be fine. Stand while you’re waiting, or sit up straight. Smile.
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