Posted on Mar 16, 2018

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New Naturopath Offers Wilsonville a Fresh Perspective

Wilsonville is lucky. It may not realize how lucky it is. Why? Because Dr. Amy McDuffee has launched her new naturopathic practice, Fresh Healthcare, in Wilsonville. Offering her infectious cheer, nonstop energy and razor-sharp mind, McDuffee spent some time last year in a mastermind I led briefly, proving quickly that she was a juggernaut of self-direction. I myself found myself wanting to ask her for tips on how to stay motivated.

I was struck not just by her confidence and drive but her ability to embody a brand that emphasizes healthy food, bold optimism, exercise and natural medicine so, well, naturally. She is drawn to bright colors -- hues of yellow, magenta and orange that could put a smile on Eeyore himself -- and she practices what she preaches. She exercises regularly, eats a made-from-scratch gluten-free diet, and exudes a healthful glow that seems to radiate from within.  

Dr. McDuffee graciously let me interview for this blog, sharing a few insights on starting a holistic healthcare practice.  
Kristin: Where did you go to medical school?

Amy: I received my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM) in 2015.

K: Why did you decide to be a naturopathic doctor? 

A: I have always been drawn to the power of preventive healthcare. I spent 5 years practicing as a dental hygienist. While navigating my own health journey, I discovered a whole new world of
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