Posted on Oct 3, 2019

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Even twenty years ago, when people still searched through the classified ads for jobs in the Sunday newspaper, common wisdom dictated that most jobs were not advertised. In the current job search landscape, this mantra has never been more true. Some estimates claim that as few as 20 percent of jobs are listed on company websites or online job boards like Mac's List, or

This statistic reinforces the importance not just of networking but also the necessity of sharpening your job search tools. When hunting for jobs online, strategically using keywords, keyword phrases, and job titles will increase your ability to find relevant job postings, significantly reducing both your frustration and time spent searching. Here is a quick rundown of how to effectively keep a careful record of your job search efforts to reduce redundancy and streamline the process.

1. First, create a list of websites to check on a regular basis. Include a mix of two or three general local jobs sites, two or more national job boards (like or, 10 to 15 company websites, and two or three industry-specific listservs or job sites (like the job board on the local PRSA chapter website if you are looking for public relations jobs). Write these websites below under the appropriate headings:



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